1. One-stop Provider

Highly experienced in performing comprehensive evaluations and implementing the precise solutions to our clients, we are with you starting from business requirement gathering, planning, implementing, supporting and training…etc. You don’t need to manage multiple vendors for different phases.

2. Qualified Professionals

Our engineers are certified by Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft or other leading tech vendors with full English proficiency. This, together with our experience and enthusiasm in the services and solutions we offer, our team has a wide exposure to managing projects for clients of different size and sectors.

3. Flexible & Innovative

Instead of sticking to unnecessary business norms and old-school technologies, we listen to our clients’ need, customize and even innovate products and services that best suit them. We also improve our products, solutions and customer services every day to stay on the cutting edge with our clients.

4. Service Quality Oriented

We make every effort to exceed our service above our service-level agreements, and thus customer satisfactions. More than 99% of our new customers come to us via client/business partner referrals.

5. Reliable & Hassle-free

Based on hundreds of successful stories, we have helped clients of different industries to optimize their information systems in terms of efficiency, reliability and manageability, so that they can focus on their business instead of IT operations.